A Sassy UnderCat in Space.

A decentralized exchange governed by a community that zaps.


Liquidity Providers that deposit both assets of a pair are rewarded with swap fees.


MIN tokens are rewarded to Liquidity providers who stake their Liquidity Pool Tokens.


Provide Liquidity with one token of the pair.

A Mobile-native Wallet

The Most Mobile Friendly DEX on Cardano Blockchain.

A Launch Bowl brought to you by Cats, for everyone.

The Minswap Launch Bowl offers promising projects some of the most potent DeFi primitives to launch and increase their liquidity.

Mocossi Planet

Launch End

2022-07-25 18:00 GMT+4

Token Distribution​

20M MOCS​​

Launch Bowl Type​

Liquidity Bootstrapping Event​

Total Raised

1.6M ₳

Trending Tokens and Liquidity Pools

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Market Cap​

Volume 24H






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The protocol owned and governed by MIN token holders

Fairly Distributed $MINOMICS

Our tokens are fairly distributed without any private or VC investment. This ensures our community of users are maximally rewarded, not speculators and insiders.

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