Multi-pool decentralized exchange on Cardano

Swap tokens with minimal cost, minimal time and maximal convenience.

Our way

Road Map

Q2 2021


Constant-Product Pool


Q3 2021


Security Audit

Liquidity Mining

Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

Initial Farm Offering (IFO)

Q4 2021

Stable Pool

Q1 2022

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Community Governance

Some facts


Fair Launch

No pre-mine, no pre-sale. MIN tokens are distributed fairly with only 10% allocated to development funds.

Yield Farming

MIN tokens are rewarded to liquidity providers who stake their liquidity pool tokens.


If it is your key, it is your money. Participating in the market without ever leaving your wallet.


Supporting new projects in Cardano ecosystem with Initial DEX Offering (IDO) and Initial Farm Offering (IFO).


Anybody can list tokens without permission. Anybody can trade tokens without KYC.

Community First

All trading fees go directly to liquidity providers. MIN token holders can vote democratically on protocol changes.

Ethereum Compatible

With ERC-20 Converter, users can trade Ethereum tokens at much lower fees.

Stake Pool Operators Support

Minswap supports the SPOs by a community-oriented ADA delegation policy and automatic native token fees conversion.

Our data

Token Distribution

Token Distribution
  • Development Funds
  • Community

Our brain

Awesome Team

Long Nguyen
Team Lead
Hieu Phan
Software Engineer
Richard Nguyen
Software Engineer
Khanh Le
Software Engineer
Abdelilah Driouch
Product Designer
Matt Cassler
Qayyum Yazid
Product Designer


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I buy MIN token?

    MIN token does not have any pre-sale or ICO. The only way to acquire MIN token is by participating in the protocol or trading it directly on MinSwap. There will be airdrop however.

  • Will there be airdrop and what is the condition?

    Yes, there will be airdrop on MIN token launch day. The condition is undisclosed at the moment.

  • How do I support Minswap?

    Follow our Twitter and join our Discord for latest news. Go to Ideascale to clap our proposal and vote for us when voting phase comes.

  • Is there an official Telegram group for Minswap?

    No, there isn't. Our community discussion is held in Discord only.

  • Is the code open-sourced?

    Yes, most of the code is open-sourced on Github. The smart contract code is private and will be open-sourced once it is fully audited and released on mainnet.

  • Is there any restriction on the development funds?

    Yes, there will be multi-sig and withdrawal limit. So it will take most of the dev team and a long period of time to fully drain the funds.

  • What does MIP-1 in the whitepaper mean?

    MIP stands for MinSwap Improvement Proposal, similar to BIP and EIP. MinSwap is a community-oriented project from the start and new changes will be proposed and discussed with our community via MIP process.

  • How does Minswap delegate locked ADA?

    20% of locked ADA is delegated to stake pools that haven't produce any block to help the SPOs mint their first block. The rest is delegated to small-to-medium community pools to encourage decentralization and make sure LPs earn stake rewards on top of trade fees. The delegation policy parameters can later be voted to change by the DAO.

  • What is the tokenomics of MIN?

    The tokenomics is under research. It will be published in the next MIP.